How I try to prevent my stretchmarks during pregnancy – Burt’s bees MAMA BEE butter

A tiger that deserved it’s stripes is often the word to describe stretchmarks on mothers. And when I remember being little and see the stretchmarks on my mother’s belly whenever we went to the pool, which she kept after being pregnant from me and my sister. I often told her it was funny and it looked like our kitty scratched her, in return she laughed. She never felt ashamed of her stretchmarks and was quite open about it which I admire. Then how come stretchmarks are such a tabboo?

I have been one of those people that have been rubbing my belly with belly butters since the beginning of pregnancy. Not necessarily because of the looks of stretchmarks, but because they can give you a lot of itch. My sister had a lot of itch from her stretchmarks during her pregnancy which resulted her skin to tear even more, which is bad for you. As I tried many butters along the way I am currently using one that is raved a lot online, the Burt’s bees MAMA BEE butter gifted by BIG GREEN SMILE.

A pleasant smell which is still neutral, is how I can describe it. The butter is quite thick but spreads really well and resolves into an oil like texture wheneever it’s spread all over. I have been using this butter in the evening before I go to sleep and in the morning my belly still feels moisturised. I do recommend wearing a t-shirt or top that is allowed to get a little bit greasy, because the butter can transfer to your clothing. This product has been in my possesion for a few weeks now, and as I am 31 weeks pregnant I still haven’t noticed any marks yet. But it might also be due to still having a small baby bump, the growing is yet to be done! But for now my review has been positive and I hope it stays that way. An update on this product will be posted near the end of my pregnancy to see if the product really passed the test of being a stretch mark preventer.


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    I enjoy the report

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    This is actually helpful, thanks.

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