The Burt’s bees essential kit with Green smile

Reality struck me hard when I found out about my pregnancy. Not only did it mean that my life was going to change for the good and the 9 month lack of sushi ( raw salmon, my fave) and raw meats, but it also meant that I had to take into account what I put on my body. After doing a mass research and dive into my beauty and cosmetics stash I found out that a lot of the products that I was using weren’t that good for the baby nor for me. Since that day I decided to go a bit more ‘green’ and to try biological products to find out if they were good to me and how I cope with them during my pregnancy.

Today I will be sharing few of my favorite ( so far) biological items from Burts bees. I was fortunate enough to receive these lovely goodies from Green Smile a Dutch biological webshop that has many green products for affordable prices. The goodies look as following;

The set consists out of the; deep cleansing cream, hand balm, body lotion, lip balm and foot cream.

The deep cleansing cream hasn’t been used so far. However the no. 1 product out of this set must be the lip balm, which imediately fixes my lips after a brutal domination by the winter cold. And it also has a pepermint scent to it, which makes you feel refreshed. The same goes for the handbalm which fixes my dry hands during the cold. I have never experienced dry hands but since this pregnancy I have been dealing with it. The balm is hydrating but not sticky, exactly the way I love it!

The body lotion and footcream have been used together every night. The packaging is quite small but the product lasts suprisingly long. The best scent out of this set must be the foot cream which smells like coconuts and gives you that luxe spa feeling when using it. The body cream is very hydrating, which is very convenient during this pregnancy, with the high risk of stretch marks. I was also gifted the large pot of mama bee bodycream, the review on this item will follow soon because I want to test it to the maximum!


Looking back at the use of these products, I find them amazing and fell in love with biological products from this day forward. I don’t think I will ever be going back to using ‘normal’ products, as these seem to work perfectly fine ( maybe even better) and have less chemicals in them. Make sure to check out the Green smile webshop to try affordable green products like these burts bees items. And let me know if you have ever tried Burts bees or any other  green cosmetics and tell me which is your fave so I can try them out 🙂


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  1. LoveT.
    30/01/2018 / 8:22 pm

    Great Set! I love the Products <3

    lovely Greetings

  2. 31/01/2018 / 1:50 pm

    If the foot cream smells like coconut I have to try it!
    Also the body lotion intrigues me as well!
    I have to try this kit, thanks a lot dear!

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