Sneakers in Spring

When the word Spring comes to mind, I suddenly think of pastels, flowy clothing and.. sneakers. Yes, sneakers are one of my fave accessories to wear during Spring as they can create a staple piece to your outfit. Especially this season sneakers are hotter than ever, with embellishments, embroideries and different prints. Today I will discuss some of my top picks in sneakers for this Spring 18’ season.

One of my faves and definitely a returning sneaker each year are the classic Converse sneakers. This year Converse came out with a pastel baby pink edition which is perfect for the Spring 18’ sneaker and pink trend that has been going on. I love that the classic converse suits with any style and print, especially during Spring making it a versatile piece.

Another one of my faves in sneakers is the ‘bow’ trend that has been going on. We could already see this trend in the previous seasons with the Puma edition, however these sneakers are a lot more affordable and come in 3 cute pastel colors; pink , blue and white. These sneakers would look cute with some midi length skirts or a comfy outfit with shorts, definitely a staple piece to your wardrobe.

A returning sneaker from the previous season are the Vans. I wasn’t very fond of Vans until the previous season as they can be cute when they are paired with some edgy looking outfits. I Love the fact that this sneaker looks amazing with leather jackets and flowy pants. My favorite for this season are the classic black and the pastel grey color.

As last year’s Spring all white sneakers were a ‘big thing’ they also cannot miss out this year. I personally love the modernised Converse sneaker that looks a little bit more posh than the classic ones. Another fave are the white chunky sneakers that look amazing with flowy trousers and dresses and midi skirts.


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  1. 30/04/2018 / 2:50 pm

    Ich liebe Sneaker
    und gerade in so tollen, zarten Farben einfach nur schön für den Frühling und SOmmer.
    TOlle Auswahl Liebes.

    schau gerne auf meinem BLOG vorbei und auf INSTAGRAM

  2. 20/05/2018 / 9:13 am

    They’re awesome, I love the Vans sneakers ^^

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