Lilly doo diaper testing

Life as a mommy has been amazing so far. As our little girl has reached the magical 3 months, I start to see more personality from her everyday. Today’s article is one about ‘the smelliest’ subject when it comes to babies, diapers! My partner hates changing the diapers but I seem to love it. I love the way she focusses on the changing of the diaper and smiles at me while changing.

Another thing that I love about changing her diapers is when the diapers have cute prints on them. I came across a super fun diaper brand named Lilly doo and was able to test them on my little girl, which I could’nt pass.

The Diapers that I have tested were the no 3. in the fox and bubble print. I got extremely excited when opening the package because I was looking forward to the cute prints. And they are so cute! My favorite is the Fox print because it looks so cute on her little bum.

The quality of the diapers are amazing as they even last through the nights. I had a lot of issues with diapers at night because she would leak so easily. Even with the Pampers diapers which were supposed to last for 12 hours, this was not the case for me. Therefore I decided to test the Lilly doo diapers at night and they work wonders, they also have a thicker material than other well known diapers like Pampers and Huggies.


My overall experience with the Lilly doo diapers have been amazing and I recommend them to every mommy as they serve the purpose and look really cute. The diapers can be ordered seperate or on a monthly base which is very fortunate because they will be delivered on your doorstep and you can decide when you need a new batch of diapers. Check the Lillydoo website and order your free sample today!


  1. 31/07/2018 / 2:53 pm

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, I’ll have to keep it in mind for my baby girl. I’ve been using Honest since she was born. I’m glad to know that these last through the night! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



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