Halloween 2020 at home

Halloween 2020 is a different experience to say at least. The Netherlands is beginning to adapt the origined USA oriented spooked day as there are few decorations and several types of Halloween candies in store. And since we had kids coming over for candy last year, this year might be different, and with Tiffany at the age of 2,5 she is really curious about it. Therefore we decided to celebrate Halloween 2020 in our home for this year. This article might provide some fun ideas to do yourself, enjoy!Halloween food

  1. Halloween food

Halloween pasta

I found this really cute Halloween pasta at our Lidl Supermarket. And we are going to enjoy this for lunch with some ‘bloody looking’ bolognese sauce on the side. Tiffany is going to lose her mind over this! If you don’t have a Lidl near you, or any sort of supermarket that carries this theme, you can also mix different types of colored pasta’s together. And if that is also not an option for you, try the next food idea below!

Halloween potatoe and nugget shapes

Another food idea are some spooky shaped potatoes or nuggets. These can be bought pre-made in a bag but if that is not an option for you, or you want to be crafty in the kitchen.. you can also buy or make some potatoe rosties and take some halloween cookie cutters and make your own spooky potatoes. The same goes for the nuggets, this way they are also to be made into vegan, or other types of meat or egg shapes. And this will be a fun activity for the kids 🙂

2. Halloween treats

Halloween cookies

My daughter loves to bake, and this will be a fun acitvity that will take up half of our day. Take all sorts of cookie cutters and make some fun shapes of your own. You don’t need specific Halloween typed cookie cutters, a circle is already enough to create some fun looking pumpkins, just change the emotions of their face. Try a scared, happy, angry or scared one and you already have 4 different types of cookies!

Pumpkin pie or loaf cake

If there arent any cookies cutters laying around, you can also bake a pumpkin pie of loaf cake and add some ‘scary’ details to it. I really wanted to try this pumpkin loaf cake from the baking explorer, see recipe HERE . This is a cute looking cake but you can make it Halloween styled by adding orange or black frosting, or orange with some black ‘spider webs’ by draping the frosting across the cake. Or create some white fondant ghosts and add them on the top of the cake. So much varieties possible!

3. Halloween treat bag

As we won’t be able to go trick or treating this year, I will be creating a Halloween bag with some candies and a small toy just to enjoy the candy festivities that children are looking forward to. Tiffany will be surprised seeing a treat bag just for her. And while creating your kids’ treat bags you can also create some treat bags for your neighbour kids and place them on their doorstep with a cute message attached.

And ofcourse! Dressing up! This is the second most fun thing to do on Halloween ( candy is placed first ofcourse!). We all have some dress up clothing laying around and if not you can also take an old white sheet and decorate it with some eyes and details and be a ghost for this year. Or dress up with funny looking garments in your closed and create a funny look with those pieces. All in all, don’t take the lockdown too hard on yourself, as you can see there are many ways to celebrate at home and kids always enjoy company and candy. Have a spooky Halloween ya’ll 🙂

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