A good night’s sleep

It might not look very classy and glamorous, but sometimes the truth needs to be out there. Just kidding.. but pregnancy has been hard on me since crossing the 30 week barrier. Ever since arriving in the third trimester of pregnancy I’ve been having one of my first pregnancy issues. Back pain’s and sleep deprivation have been asking a lot from my mental health and it has been hard on my responsibilities and social life. However comfort is key and sometimes you need to make it a bit more comfortable for yourself.

It all starts with a good night of sleep. This PREGNANCY PILLOW by Artiba has been a big life saver. I always thought pregnancy pillows were underrated before trying this one. I had tried my sister’s pregnancy pillow a long long time ago, just for fun but it was hardly as comfortable as this one. It all comes to the perfect texture and feeling to create comfort, and this pillow creates that relaxed feel. And it also gets sneaked away by my partner from time to time, he loves this pillow.

Another perfect fact about this pillow is that you can slide on your own pillow cushions whenever you don’t fancy its color or for hygienic reasons. Whatever you’re adding, the texture stays the same, and after pregnancy you can also use it as a nurture pillow during feedings.

Besides pregnancy pillows ARTIBA also offers many other accessories as pacifiers with cute prints and baby blankets. I for sure recommend this amazing pillow for any pregnant lady in their late trimester ( or earlier) to catch up on sleep and ease the comfort.

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  1. 27/02/2018 / 12:51 pm

    I definitely will need that pillow too if I am pregnant!! It looks so comfy!!

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