Baby room update: favorite baby blanket.

To start of the new year in an exciting way, today I am sharing one of my favorite baby accessory finds that I got during the holidays. As time progresses and the baby is coming very soon, I decided to take on the baby room and its necessities before I am too busy with graduating.

One of my favourite baby accessory finds is this cute baby  blanket from the webshop Lenki-babyshop.  The blanket can be used on the ground or to in the cot as it’s originally been made for the box’s measurements.  The first thing that appealed me to this blanket is the vibrant colors and the cute design it has. It can also be used on both sides as one side shows the cute panda’s and the foam green side is very soft with a nice texture for the baby. We also decided to go for gender neutral colors as we both aren’t big fans of labelling the room by pink or blue, we want our baby to experience all colors, textures and prints as possible.

After seeing this blanket I scavenged the rest of the website for more cute finds. The products range from cute pacifiers to baby blankets, nursing pillows and many more. I loved the foam green blanket instantly because of the cute prints and the texture which works out perfectly with the room. I reckon this blanket for all soon to be mommy’s out there due to the safety and quality this blanket provides. it’s also a very cute and thoughtful gift for a baby shower, and the webshop  provides multiple colors to choose from, plus they are currently on sale!

Let me know what you think of this cute blanket or any of the other prints available. I hope you enjoyed this article!


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  1. 02/01/2018 / 11:35 am

    The blanket is really cute ^^

  2. 03/01/2018 / 2:18 pm

    Thanks a lot =) Oh yes I love it too.

    Great post, this looks so cute =)
    Happy new year =)

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