The money series: earn money fast as a student

It al makes cents (sense) : The student life isn’t the easiest when it comes to finances and often students don’t really have that much time to work, or the wages are simply too low. I got a pretty flexible job myself whereas I can work after college hours, however my friends aren’t that lucky. In this article I will provide some tips on how to earn money as a student, and how to earn it fast.


Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are perfect for students, if they are flexible. Although part-time jobs doesn’t add money fast but it is a permanent solution for your finances. When looking for a part-time job as a student, it is important to check if the company works in shifts or not. I recommend going for businesses that are open until later in the evening like restaurants and gyms. These kinds of companies work in shifts and therefore you are able to plan among your college hours.



One of the more fun ways to earn your extra cash is tutoring. Are you one of the gifted people that is good at everything? Make use of it, as tutoring can add up quite some money. In the past I have earned extra cash by tutoring languages to other students and it was the nicest way of earning my money. It is also very flexible as you can determine the hours to your personal agenda. Tutoring in music instruments can bring up even more cash as a lot of people don’t like to spend hundreds of dollars on music schools. Teaching instruments like the Piano, Guitar and Drums are highly wanted.


Craigslist jobs & chores

When looking for temporary cash, small chores are the best thing! Websites like Craigslist are perfect to find small chores and earning big bucks. Chores that are often asked for are; house cleaning, lawn mowning, moving helpers etc. Most of these chores will require a whole day and are asked in the summer season which is perfect as there is no college. Prices are always negotiable so you already know how much labor it will be and how much you are going to earn beforehand.


Cleaning homes

Cleaning homes is a very quick way of earning cash and it only takes a few hours of your day. My experience is that it is a quite good earning and it’s really satisfying to see the end result. I recommend that you look for adds in local newspapers and craigslist, as they are the easiest way to find jobs in this category. Most of the times the adds come from elderly people that need both cleaning and a bit of social talk. The best part about this job is that it is flexible and you receive your earnings right away.


Sell old clothing:

Selling your non-used belongings is one of the most common ways of earning extra cash. I’ve been doing it since my childhood and if you take it seriously you can earn quite some cash. You can sell your old clothing in many ways but the easiest ways are online by selling on websites like Ebay, Depop, Poshmark etc.


Proofreading & website testing

Companies often need proof readers to read papers or transcripts. Because of the sensitive nature of certain documents, companies need all errors removed as a fresh set of eyes will notice mistakes 99% of the time. Companies often look for college and university students in the same branch as the company to proof read documents.

Website testing is highly important for companies that want to publish their website but need to know flaws and opinions about it, in order to make the website customer friendly. Website testing can be done by anyone that knows how to visit a website. Proof reading and website testing jobs can be found on a freelance base, and can be found on any freelance website your country offers. Rates vary per company and working hours.


Digital assistant

My favourite way is to be able to make money out of the comfort of my home. Being a digital assistant not only brings in money fast, it also is a flexible job that can be performed from any place you are located at, you only need your computer and an internet connection.

I’ve made money by being a digital assistant for bloggers and companies. In my experience the companies pay larger amounts but have stricter policies. Bloggers on the other hand ask for; guest bloggers, content and creating images, which I tend to do most of the time when being a digital assistants. Being a blogger’ assistant you are able to set your own rates, but you do need a well running blog with great content in return.

A digital assistant helps a company or a person to run business more smoothly. As from there you can agree to a one-time project in the form of research of data collection, or as a continuing job like replying to emails, customer service activities or other outsourced tasks. Once again the rates very per company, project and experience. A way to find jobs like this is by searching on freelance websites like; , (Dutch users).

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