Close and comfortable with your newborn.

I always had the thought that nurseries were made especially for newborn babies. But after getting acquainted with more child births around me I came to the conclusion that the babies often won’t sleep at their ‘own room’ or nursery until after a few months. My mother and sister in specific told me that they both let their newborn sleep by themselves after a couple of weeks. I on the other hand always knew I wanted to keep my baby a lot longer by my side.

Therefore a lot of research was done on which sleeper is best to place near your bed side. And although the normal baby sleeper came to mind first, I got familiar with co-sleepers. A perfect invention if you ask me! Every co-sleeper is different and it all depends on your wishes and budget ofcourse. But after strolling the internet I found that it is highly common to rent your co-sleeper which was a complete turn off for me. Luckily I got acquainted with the SNUZpod 2 along the way.

The SNUZpod 2 is a co-sleeper that offers a lot of positive qualities compared to normal co-sleepers as it offers a 3 in 1 function. The first one is that the ‘pod’ can be detached from the bedframe to rock your baby to sleep, therefore no baby rocker is needed no more. The second quality is that the side of the fabric frame is transparent so you are able to look at your little one from your bedside. The zipper in the fabric is perfect to get your baby whenever you need to feed or sooth them during sleeps. And the sleeper can be used for newborns up to 6 months, which is amazing and a good money spend.

My personal opinion about the co-sleeper is that I already love it before being able to actually use it. The clean texture and design makes it a fashionable piece for your bedroom. The function to see your baby through the mesh transparent fabric make me smile with the thought of seeing my little girl in there soon. And the pod was very easy to put together as I was able to do it all by myself ( partner has been a bit busy and I’m an independent woman haha). I recommend this pod to all the mommy’s and mommy’s to be that are expecting or currently already have a newborn, the SNUZPOD 2 is a great investment for you and your baby.

My SNUZPOD 2 came from the lovely website of HolaBB which offers a lot of cute accessories also, like the cute bedding! With the color of the pod, the bedding has the most ideal prints and colors to make the sleeper Instagram worthy. The fabric in the bedding is safe for the baby and has a nice texture to it. It also comes in a package of 3 so you don’t need to worry about matching the bedding with other sheets! All above all this website caught my attention and definitely deserves yours, it is time to invest in our babies and make them as comfortable as possible while gazing at them.

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