Christmas gift giving – For babies

This the season to be jolly.. and to be giving your loved ones a little present under the tree. I’ve seen many giftguides for him, her and parents, but what about the little ones in our lives? Children love Christmas mostly because of the gifts but gift giving can be quite difficult for the little ones that can’t even express their wishes. And if you don’t have any children of your own it can be hard to find a gift at all. If you are one of those people, or just came on here to find some inspiration for your own kiddos, don’t worry I got you covered 🙂

Having a 2,5 year old and a 7 month baby I already have some experience on which toys work and which toys are getting dust somewhere. Today I will share a few of my kiddoos’ favorite toys under the age of 1. Followed by the older ages among the next few weeks, to prepare you for a nice Christmas with the best presents ever 🙂

  1. V-tech mobile phone

To start off with a gift for the ‘smallest’ , this mobile phone from V-tech is a perfect gift for 3+ month babies. The phone makes several sounds which really uplifts the mood of the baby. My son loves this toy to the fullest and really enjoys all the sounds the toy makes. I bought this toy for him because he kept reaching for our remote controller, and this definetely helped a lot.

2. Koala rattle

This Koala rattle was one of the first gifts my son had received for his ‘welcome to the world’. He loved this toy emediately and started crying for it whenever anybody took it from him. This toy is a little upgrade in age compared to the mobile phone above, as this toy also sings and has a few plastic charms to grab and the handle also as the function as a teether. The rattle is also available in a few other animal characters, if the Koala just is not your thing.

3. Magic storybook

This magic storybook has been a lifesaver many times. Not only for my daughter but also for my son ( yes, it’s that durable! It survived 2 kids). My daughter loved this book to the fullest and now that my son uses it too she starts loving it all over again! During sleepless nights, car rides or cooking times this book has been amazing in the soothing of our kids because it’s simply so versitile that they can play for many hours. The book plays a few popular children songs, of which the lyrics can be read in the book. The music can be played with the orginal sound, accoustic or instrumental and even can be used as a little piano.

4. Pop and play elephant

Another favorite is this pop and play elephant. This elephant allows kids to put the balls in the machine as where the elephant pops the balls out again. During the popping of the balls the toy also plays several baby melodies to make it extra fun! My daughter loved this toy game so much and could play for many many hours. Sometimes a ball would pop out a little bit too hard and it would roll out on the floor, which my daughter loved and she would crawl across the room to get the balls.

5. baby activity jumper

If you asked me which baby toy is the best for parents, I would highly recommend this toy and the upcoming babyroo. The baby activity center is perfect for babies from the age of 6 months that are able to balance a bit. The activity center has a lot of activities to keep your baby occupied while parents are able to cook, clean or have a snack. The activity center plays sounds, has many rattles, motion toys and a little snack tray. But what I love most about this activity center is that it also functions as a jumper and it learns babies to stand and use their feet accordingly.

6. V-tech baby walker


I feel like this toy is one of the best toys in the world, and I’m not over exaggerating I promise! I highly believe that this toy made our daughter walk at the age of 10 months. We introduced this walker to our daughter when she was 9,5 months old and she was obsessed! Within 2 to 3 weeks she started from a few steps to a full solid walk without the walker. And she kept playing with the walker for many months after that. What makes this walker so interesting for kids is the many functions it has; it plays music, enhanced motor skills due to the many buttons and twistable pieces, and it has a phone that talks. If I recommend any toy , it would be this one!

7. V-tech first words singing bear


This toy bear was gifted to us for our daughter, and to be honest I don’t think I would have purchased this myself because it just did not look interesting enough to me. However, I learned to love this bear after I saw how much it increased my daughters speaking abilities. The bear talks, asks interactive abilities, sings and even lights up. Right before bed time we would play with this first words bear and she would slowly learn her words after. A cute gift for a baby between the age of 10 – 18 months.

8. Little dutch wooden car

Let’s be honest wooden toys look really stylish, and probably will not be the first thing a child is attractive to, but it has a darn good quality! Little toy cars, or any toys with wheels are amazing for kids that are able to sit by theirselves. My daughter loved her wooden car from Little Dutch and it even lasted enough for her little brother to play with it too. A toy car is a toy car but kids seem to love it. This toy makes an easy ‘ smaller gift ‘ or even stocking stuffer if you do not feel like purchasing a bigger gift.

9. Little Dutch wooden rainbow


Another nice but educative item is this wooden rainbow blocks toy from Little Dutch. Wooden rainbow toys are available from many brands and they all have the same function, which is to improve the motor skills of kids while playing. This Little Dutch version is my favorite as the blocks are also a nice interior piece to display in the kids room.

10. Vtech sort and learn turtle


I first saw this toy on my niece’s first birthday and she played with it right away which caught everyone’s attention. This toy is suitable for the babies that are about to turn 1 years old. The toy turtle has a shell in which the sorting blocks can be taken out off and placed into. This turtle is a nice toy to increase kids motor skills while playing. The turtle has a very cute and inviting appearance so kids will love playing with it. My 2,5 year old daughter currently still loves this toy eventhough it’s too easy for her now, but her brother will enjoy this toy again in a few months.

And for the parents or friends that already bought everything their kids desire, there’s this ….

  1. Parent hack : rocking chair

If somebody you know is about to have their baby or just had one this gift is an expensive but definetely worth it present. So you might want to split this gift between multiple people, or be as kind as you are.. This 4MOMS Mamaroo rocking chair is one of the most advanced rocking chairs available. Ofcourse you can opt for a cheaper version, but we had the pleasure to receive this one from our parents. This rocking chair is able to move in different motions as the usual rocking chair and has different motion settings. A rocking chair for (newborn) babies are perfect for when babies are fussy, or parents need to prepare food, go to the toilet, you name it.. It accupies your little one in a soothing environment which is definetely what they need when they are this young.

2. Parent hack: feeding chair


The last gift idea, and a really important one is a feeding chair. I used to feed my daughter on my lap until the age of 8 months, until we received a feeding chair from my husbands cousin and it changed life! I was finally able to eat with my family and not by myself afterwards. And my daugther could see me too while she ate which made everything more fun and enjoyable. And I was the parent that already bought a lot for my kids, without thinking of this amazing chair.. it was a well thought gift which definetely served it’s purpose in our home.

I hope this gift guide gave you inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping and if you have older kids to shop for stay put for the next few blogs in which I will provide gift guides for older toddlers and kids 🙂

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  1. Cecile
    09/02/2021 / 1:22 pm

    Leuke cadeau tips, wij hebben de schildpad en mamaroo voor onze kleine spruit en het zijn top cadeau’s

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