Autumn cravings – Watch craze

As mentioned before I am not really the type of person to wear a lot of accessories, except in Autumn. During Autumn I become the most creative and tend to accessorize a lot more. One of my staple pieces in Autumn are watches, they are versatile and create the style of the outfit. In today’s article I am going to share a few of my favourite watches from my personal collection, non-sponsored.

Let’s start from left to right. Beginning with one of my most precious watches I own. This is a Guess watch that I have worn in my teen years. I received this watch when I turned 18, and was very grateful for it. My family didn’t have a lot of money back then and a watch like this meant what a car means to other 18 year olds. This watch is perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons due to its cooler tone.

The second watch is a Michael kors watch that probably 70% of the Fashion bloggers have owned. A few years ago this watch was THE must have watch for all fashion forward girls. This watch has been worn a lot in outfit posts and due to its colors makes an amazing arm candy during winter season.

One of the most worn watches on this fashion blog must be my Daniel Wellington watch. This watch has really served it’s purpose and has been a well spend piece. The watch is very versatile and easy to wear due to its rose gold hardware and black strap.

The 4th watch is from the brand Kyboe! and is fairly new to the collection.  I was attracted to the nude tones and sporty appearance. This watch is perfect to wear with casual outfits and sweaters because it can appear quite ‘chunky’ on the wrist.

The last watch is a unisex watch from Emporio Armani. The watch is quite new and I already love wearing it during the recent Autumnal weather. The frame is quite big which makes it perfect to staple with layers of clothing. A big big PLUS with this watch is that it is unisex, meaning both me and the boyfriend are able to wear it. I love multi-functional pieces.


I hope you are all going to wear your watches now so we can be sisters! Don’t forget to leave me a message with your favourite Autumn accessory or watch.

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  1. 11/11/2020 / 11:30 pm

    These are such gorgeous statement pieces! I love an elegant watch that fits with everything <3


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