5 Fashion Hacks By Celebrity Stylists You Can Use For Prom

When it comes to looking picture-perfect for an event, the best place to search for inspiration is Hollywood and its red carpets. No undesirable wrinkles, panty lines, or bra straps are ever seen at a red-carpet event.

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Let’s talk about celebrity fashion hacks on the red carpet that you can use for prom or other big formal events:

1. Keep the creases at bay.

Ever wondered how celebrities stay wrinkle-free, from the moment they step out of their limos, on to the red carpet, and for the rest of the event? According to a celebrity stylist, in order to maintain a smooth and un-crumpled gown, a person’s posture is important. For example, to avoid the hip crease that you get when sitting, it is best if you lean back as much as possible and make sure to smooth the gown first before sitting down.

You can also go see some prom dresses 2019 and check out styles and designs that are not as difficult to keep wrinkle-free. You can also choose fabrics like neoprene, which are wrinkle-resistant, or go for the already crinkled appearance of crepe.

2. Avoid visible panty lines.

Visible panty lines can be huge turn-offs. So, how do celebrities and their stylists hack this conundrum? Aside from the advent of seamless undergarments, some designers, when possible, will sew the undergarments to the gown to ensure a flawless look. By customizing these garments, celebrities manage to dodge unattractive panty lines while also making sure that the undergarments don’t move around.

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Remember Angelina Jolie’s thigh-high slit at the 84th Academy Awards in 2012? Thanks to her design team who discovered stick-on strapless G-strings, we remember her faultless leg and not a malicious preview of her privates. Particularly, they credit Shibue Couture for completely eliminating the problem of unsightly panty lines. If you’re crafty, you can actually create your own sticky seamless underwear using some Topstick adhesives.

3. Show cleavage with right coverage.

Many gorgeous prom dresses come with plunging (and sometimes, even navel-grazing) necklines. If you’d like to wear one of these, you’d love the hacks introduced by some stylists for celebrities. Not only does this provide enough coverage but it also helps create the illusion of a cleavage. So, what’s the trick? According to style experts, you can make use of silicone covers and enhancers, breast lifts, and even everyday adhesives like Band-Aids and Scotch tape. Surgical and medical tape have also been helpful, with Kristen Bell crediting them for her non-surgical “nip lift.”

Some stylists will also use deconstructed strapless bras taped on the gown at different angles to achieve the desired effect.

4. Improve your posture and your shape.

If you want to create the illusion of an hourglass shape, use a waist cincher (which is also great for your posture) or choose a dress style that works toward the desired figure. You can also achieve a shapely appearance with the aid of strategically-placed hip pads, shoulder pads, butt pads, and bodysuits.

Image Source: Pexels

5. Wear heels like a royal.

A royal protocol for women is to wear pantyhose, so if you also have to, you can follow Kate Middleton’s fashion hack using silicone pads that stick to the inside of her high heels. For added comfort, she also wears leather insoles that provide extra cushion to her shoe.

Also a no-nonsense fashion hack among celebrities and royals is going a size up, or even two, with the shoes to avoid blisters.

And, if you would love to give your shoes an extra grip to prevent slips and dance floor emergencies, use sandpaper on the bottoms of your high heels.


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